Spilka is an independent collective of art, service and cultural workers based in New York City. Right now we are dedicated to providing people in Ukraine with lifesaving resources and critical supplies in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion and war. Spilka functions as an inclusive relief network, redistributing resources to those most impacted in times of crisis.

Our organization operates with full transparency as we fund and transfer grants directly to individuals in urgent need and to volunteers on the ground who are risking their lives to help those around them. Our donations go directly toward food, shelter, transport, and safety.

Please feel free to refer to our Instagram page to see how we are redistributing funds.




Curated by Fred Ritchin and Ira Lupu

The Spilka exhibition and auction is comprised of the results of a juried open-call, which was curated by the Ukrainian photography and art professionals — Yaroslav Solop, Lyolya Goldstein, Betya Roytburd, Lena Shkoda, Ira Lupu.

The open-call applicants were invited to present photography or video works created in Ukraine between 2014 (when russia first invaded and began to wage war in Ukraine) and now, with a focus on personal imagery representing life in Ukraine throughout the course of the invasion. 230 submissions from professional and amateur photographers, including individuals on the ground such as volunteers and fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, were received.

The virtual print auction, also organized by Spilka, merges artworks from all the participants of the Ukrainian Perspectives exhibition, including Magnum Photo artists and the open-call finalists. The auction proceeds will be directed towards various Spilka initiatives which fund vulnerable populations in Ukraine, as well as an initiative by Spilka Paris focused on renovating a destroyed school in Korolivka village, Kyiv region, and building a bomb-shelter for its students. A portion of the funds will also be directed toward support for the participating Ukraine-based artists.

All photographs in the auction were taken after 2014 and illustrate the multitude of narrativesthat make Ukraine. The photographs were selected through an open call to professional andamateur photographers by a jury of Ukrainian photo and art professionals: Lyolya Goldstein,curator, and owner of Bird in Flight magazine), and Yaroslav Solop, (artist, photographyresearcher, editor-in-chief of Booksha publishing, both based in Ukraine), as well as Ira Lupu,(artist, photographer, and co-founder of In Ukraine exhibition), Lena Shkoda, (artist,photographer, co-founder of Spilka, owner of Movement productions, and Betty Roytburd,(artist, curator, and co-founder of Spilka).


Ukrainian Perspectives will feature live and virtual panel discussions with a roster of photographers, curators, and experts on decolonization in the arts, influencers, and frontline volunteers. Main live programming partner: RAZOM FOR UKRAINE

Presentation of SAINTS,
a New Wartime Photo Book by Ukrainian-American Photographer Sasha Maslov. With Christian Borys of SAINT JAVELIN and Danny Gold
Apr 14, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST
Chashama (227 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001)

How Memes Shaped the War in Ukraine?
A Discussion by SAINT JAVELIN Social Media Lead Violetta Petrova and a Cultural Critic and Musician Aloiso Wilmoth
Apr 15, 3 pm - 5 pm EST
Chashama (227 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001)

Territories are People.
Volunteer organization Helping to Leave as a case study on how civilians from all backgrounds can effectively cooperate with the use of modern technology to perform resque missions.
With Terrell J Starr, Bodgana Ferguson, Dina Urikh and Vlada Balera.
Apr 20, 10 am-11:30 am EST

Ukrainian Culture and Art through the decolonial lens.
Moderated by Spilka’s co-founder Betty Roytburd. Decolonization plays a crucial role in discussing Ukrainian culture, in its global representation in cultural institutions, and beyond. How do we address the ways in which armed conflicts affect social and institutional structures of power and explore the potential influence autonomous individuals can have over them? Ultimately, these efforts are geared towards imagining a post-colonial future that resists the violence of oppression and acknowledges the colonial nature of Ukrainian-Russian history in cultural critique. Guests include Olha Balashova, Bayryam Bayryamali, Oksana Semenik, and Lisa Korneichuk.
Apr 28, 1 pm-3 pm EST

Can Photography Still be Helpful in the World?
A Conversation by Fred Ritchin with Giulietta Palumbo of Magnum Photo, Kateryna Radchenko of Odesa Photo Days, Sasha Maslov, and TBA
May 4, 6 pm-8 pm EST
Magnum Foundation Hall (59 East 4th st, #7w, New York, NY 10003)

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